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Ski Trip on a budget

What are some good ways to be stylish for a ski trip without breaking the bank?

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Dressing for a winter ski trip can be really hard as it feels like you have to spend a ton of money to A.) find pieces that’ll keep you warm and cozy, and B.) find pieces that don’t look frumpy and/or boring, as a lot of winter wear tends to be. 

This can be made especially difficult when it seems like, even at stores that are supposed to carry lower-priced items, the warmer you want to be, the more money you need to spend. (I’m looking at you, well-over-$100 puffer from a supposedly “budget-friendly” retailer!)

But, worry not, as I have put together three ski trip outfits that both look chic and are entirely made up of under-$90 pieces that won’t hurt your wallet!

Just keep scrolling to see them!

Affordable Ski Trip Outfit #1 

Products: Sweater – H&M, Socks (Set of two pairs) – Uniqlo, Leggings – Uniqlo, Jacket – Zara, Boots – DSW, Scarf – Uniqlo, Beanie – H&M, Mittens – Aritzia
– or you can browse our own Collection

For the first look, I decided to put together a practical-yet-fashion-forward outfit that will keep you warm and snug when you hit the slopes.

To begin, put on an oversized beige sweater over a pair of extra-warm pile-lined leggings.

Next, grab a trendy fleece jacket, and add some winter accessories, such as a cozy scarf, lightweight-yet-warm socks, a cute pom pom beanie, and a pair of wool mittens in a unique golden shade. 

Heavy-duty winter boots are a must for this look, so go for these black waterproof ones with a super-subtle camo print, which are sure to keep your feet dry all day long.

Affordable Ski Trip Outfit #2

Products: T-Shirt – Uniqlo, Boots – H&M, Joggers – H&M, Beanie – Old Navy, Mittens – Target, Socks – DSW, Jacket – Gap
– or you can browse our own Collection

If your style is sporty, then you’re sure to love this outfit, which mixes modern pieces in neutral tones with a bright pop of color for a look that’s sure to stand out.

To get the look, pair a simple black turtleneck with red velour joggers for a fun take on the early-2000s-inspired track pant trend.  

Wool socks will never not be a good idea when it comes to staying warm, so put on a goes-with-every-outfit dark gray pair. 

basic fold-over beanie and stylish quilted ski mittens are essential parts of any ski trip wardrobe, as is a puffer jacket; I love the color and finish of the one featured here, which gives of such a modern, minimalist vibe! 

Finally, put on a pair of beyond-cool off-white winter boots to complete this sleek look.

Affordable Ski Trip Outfit #3

Products: Jacket – Zara, Socks – Old Navy, Leggings – Zara, Shirt – Aritzia, Boots – H&M, Headband – H&M, Mittens – H&M, Scarf – H&M
– or you can browse our own Collection

In addition to the previous two looks, which were put together with hitting the slopes in mind, I also wanted to create a look with more of an après ski vibe — although you could certainly wear this outfit to ski in if you wanted to!

First, put on an oversized hooded flannel over a pair of edgy faux-leather leggings; then, add some fuzzy wool socks.

An olive green puffer is a nice change from the typical black styles, while chunky hiking-style boots offer an of-the-moment alternative to more classic ankle boot styles.

For the final touches, add a twisted headband to keep your ears from freezing off, as well as a cozy scarf with tassels and sophisticated faux-fur mittens to keep your neck and hands nice and warm all day long. 

I hope that these outfits have provided you with some helpful inspiration regarding how to look chic and stay warm, all while staying on a budget. Have fun on your trip, and thanks for your question!

What do you think?

How do you dress warmly and fashionably on a budget? What else would you recommend wearing on a ski trip? What are some of the best places to buy wallet-friendly winter pieces?

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